Yakima's Police Chief made a surprising retirement announcement on Wednesday.

According to a social media post, Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray's last day will be June 30th. Murray has been Chief of the Yakima Police Department since May of 2019. Murphy said his wife Marci, is retiring from the Yakima School District on June 18th and he wants to follow her. Chief Murray expressed gratitude in his statement.

You embraced me with open arms and welcomed me into your homes, showed me the things you were most proud of, and shared some of the things you were most concerned with. Your trust has been instrumental in our success and your voices guided our efforts.

Murray has been a police officer for 30 years and is proud to lead the force in Yakima.

When he started in Yakima as Chief, he made it a priority to get out into the community to get to know the people. He's made it a goal to build relationships and reduce crime in Yakima. He believes communication is key to keeping the community safe.

The Chief is proud of the work the force and the community accomplished.


As I write this letter, in the Garfield School neighborhood, where graffiti was once prominent and aggressive, I am so proud of the work we have accomplished, together. But we are not finished yet. I am passing the torch to you, my community.

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You can read Chief Murray's statement in its entirety below.

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