When a one-night-only theatrical re-release of James Cameron’s The Abyss (remastered in 4K! It has all four of the Ks guys!) was announced earlier this week, you knew that meant a high-def home video release of the movie, which has long been sought after by Cameron fans, was finally in the offing. And here is the announcement: The Abyss — along with a whole host of other Cameron films — are all coming to a variety of high definition home video formats in the months ahead.

You’ll be able to get The Abyss on digital on December 12, just about a week after its special re-release in theaters. If you’re still ride or die for physical media, you’ll have to wait until next March to get the film.

The full roster of Cameron classics getting new home video releases: AliensThe AbyssTrue LiesTitanicAvatar and Avatar: The Way of Water — all of his work for 20th Century Fox, essentially. (The company is now called 20th Century Studios, and owned by Disney.)

20th Century Studios
20th Century Studios

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Here is the timeline of when all these releases will be available:

  • Dec. 5, 2023: Titanic 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (Disc and Digital)
  • Dec. 12, 2023: Aliens Collector’s Edition, The Abyss Collector’s Edition, True Lies Collector’s Edition, Avatar Collector’s Edition, Avatar: The Way of Water Collector’s Edition (Digital)
  • Dec. 19, 2023: Avatar 4K Collector’s Edition, Avatar 3D Blu-ray, Avatar 4K Limited Edition Steelbook (available only at Best Buy), Avatar: The Way of Water 4K Collector’s Edition (Disc)
  • March 12, 2024: Aliens 4K Collector’s Edition, The Abyss 4K Collector’s Edition, True Lies 4K Collector’s Edition (Disc)

All of these new editions except for Aliens also include new special features. The Abyss comes with two new documentaries: One a conversation with James Cameron, and a second called The Legacy of The Abyss about the impact the movie had on the cast, crew, and fans. (The Avatar: The Way of Water set includes the most new stuff, including several new featurettes, deleted and extended scenes, scene deconstructions, and assorted other making-of materials.) Even True Lies gets a new documentary looking back at the film with “untold tales of daring stunts, cutting-edge technology, and the comedic genius that brought this spy thriller to life.” Sign me up.

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