A Norwegian Cruise Line was cruising off the isolated coast of Alaska when it suddenly struck a huge unseen iceberg according to news reports. Video quickly became viral of a passenger capturing the moment. I was on a cruise once when I was 17, but it was in the Bahamas where there is no chance of hitting an iceberg. Growing up the Titanic was one of my favorite stories, but actually almost living through it must have been scary.

The iceberg ended up being so large that the ship had to emergency turn around and quickly head for inspection and repairs. The incident happened June 23rd off the coast of the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska. The cruise line released a statement saying they had made contact with a "growler", or an iceberg less then 6 feet across that barely shows above water. The video seems to show that is was much larger then 6 feet.

After the collision, the ship sailed to Juneau for assessment. After inspection, the cruise was shortened to allow the ship to return to Seattle for repairs. One family on social media described the strike like a huge "door being slammed." The man that caught it on video had a friend that spotted something in the water and told him to take out his phone.

Norwegian Cruise Line says that all passengers were released in Seattle as originally planned for the trip. If I had been on that ship, I think that experience would make me think twice about taking another cruise in cold weather.

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