It's just what the doctor ordered! A winter stay in Winthrop, Washington.

This cabin is located in the hillside community of Edelweiss. It's a playground for hikers, bikers, and skiers.

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What makes this cabin so special?


It's obvious that this cabin was constructed with love. The property sits in a landscape of aspen trees, sage, and seasonal wildflowers. The mountain and valley views are spectacular! And, there's a hot tub!

This Winter Stay in Winthrop, Washington Promises to be Mesmerizing

The 1,000-square-foot cabin has an open floor plan with two bedrooms. There's a queen bed and a double. The floor plan is open. Patios expand the living area to the out-of-doors. There is a stand-alone hut located above the house. In other words...this is glamping, with a heater and queen bed. Enjoy a wonderful experience in spring, summer, and fall. Winter is recommended for the hardy.

This cabin receives tremendous reviews!

This place is phenomenal. Highly recommend to anyone who wants seclusion that is well-positioned to all of the great hiking and sightseeing to be had in the North Cascades. If we're ever back in Washington state, this will be the first AirBNB we check for availability. ~ Marvin

We had such a magical time at the house. The house is so thoughtfully built and designed. There is so much love in it. We took advantage of the snow shoes supplied and tromped around in the deep snow behind the house, climbing up high for beautiful views of the valley and snow-covered mountains and soaked in the wood-fired hot tub watching the sunset. We couldn’t have asked for a better place and will definitely be back! ~ Xela

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